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SmartStore™ Collect

Smart sorting for recycling! The stylish Collect-box has a sturdy lid that enables using the container as an extra seat​.

SmartStore Collect is the winner for the esteemed Red Dot Design award for 2020!

We all know how important it is to recycle and contribute to a better planet for future generations. But in practice there is rarely room for all the different sorting bins and systems at our homes. The new SmartStore™ Collect is here to solve this problem! 


You can now sort easily for example plastic packages, glass, metals, carboard etc. inside the big Collect-box. The smaller inserts (box fits 3 inserts) are practical for different types of waste and are easy to lift and carry. The handles also keep the waste bag neatly in place.


The modular concept can be tailored to individual needs. The parts can be used separately or all together depending the space and need at your home. The inserts can for example be integrated into existing waste systems. 


SmartStore Collect does not need to be hidden away, the minimalistic Scandinavian design fits perfectly in all homes. The big box comes in matt black or white and has a sturdy lid which transforms the big container into a practical seat. Keep the Collect system for example in the kitchen, in the entrance or at the balcony/terrace. 


All parts are easy to clean and use, and all plastic parts are manufactured in our factories in Sweden and Finland of recycled raw material.


SmartStore Collect is the winner for the Red Dot Design award, German Design Award and Innovation Interior Award for 2020!