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Blueberry pie

This delicious recipe has been developed by the Culinary Team of Finland. It's the perfect summer dessert and tastes best served with vanilla ice cream.

Check out the recipe below!

Recipe for blueberry pie:


Short pastry:

180 g butter

1 dl sugar

3 dl flour

0,5 tl baking powder

1 rkl cardamom

zest of half orange

pinch of salt



4 dl frozen blueberries

0,4 dl sugar

0,4 dl jam sugar

2 rkl potato flour


Serve with:

Fresh blueberries

Vanilla ice cream



1. Whisk butter and sugar until they form a soft foam.

2. Mix the flour, baking powder, cardamom, orange zest and salt together. Add in the butter-sugar mixture and stir.

3. Press the pastry into a greased tartlet pan or several smaller ones.

4. Mix the jam sugar, sugar and potato flour in with the blueberries and add the mixture into the pan/pans.

5. Bake in 200°C oven approx. 15-20 min.

6. Enjoy the pie with fresh blueberries and vanilla ice cream.