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Products made from old fishing nets

One of the major sources of plastic waste in our oceans are old fishing nets. More than 640,000 tonnes of gear used in commercial fishing is dumped into the sea every year.* This causes extensive damage to marine life and it is very important to get the gear recycled instead.

Old fishing nets are collected from professional fishermen in Scandinavia, in other parts of Northern Europe, and in the UK. The material is sorted, cleaned, shredded and extruded into new raw material pellets. The pellets are then used to produce new products that are durable, sustainable and that will last for years if not decades.

Products made from old fishing nets offer a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

* Greenpeace: Ghost gear fishing report 2019

We are proud to present a new storage range called SmartStore™ Ocean. The range is inspired by nature and outdoors activities.

The box comes with a handle and the practical insert enables sorting of various tack and gear.

The products are made of 70 % old fishing nets and 30 % regular polypropylene.


A perfect choice for camping, picnics, gardening or boating trips.

Orthex™ stands for practical and durable products to your everyday life. Sustainability is a key driver in all our actions.

The Orthex bucket is made completely from recycled plastic, material for the container is derived from old fishing nets and the handle is made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

The wash bowl and scoop are made of 70 % old fishing nets and 30 % regular polypropylene.