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Product Safety

Product safety is the most important cornerstone in our way of working and manufacturing. We guarantee that our products are produced with the best, safest and highest quality raw materials, which ensures long durability with perfect functionality and the highest safety standards.

All of our products made from traditional plastic are BPA-free and don't contain phthalates. Also, all our recycled materials are safe and tested, but because the material origins from many different products, we can’t fully guarantee that small traces of BPA would not exist.

We follow all EU regulations when it comes to food contact products. All our food related products are carefully tested on a regular basis in laboratories to ensure safe food contact. Tests are carried out by independent accredited test laboratories. The symbols found on the products and packages tell the consumer what temperatures the product endures, whether it can be used in the microwave, fridge, dishwasher etc. For more information about the symbols and their meaning, click here.

We specify these details in our product specific Declarations of Compliance.

90% of Orthex Group products are produced in the Nordic region in our own factories in Sweden and Finland. The remaining 10%, some special products which we do not produce ourselves, are produced by selected reliable third party manufacturers, mostly in China. All of our suppliers carry out tests on their raw materials. We only buy from large and credible suppliers that follow all the rules and strict regulations for material intended to come into contact with food. We have detailed requirements for all our suppliers. If you need more information, please contact us.

We are proud to stand behind our product motto: ”Safe, Smart and Tested”.