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Bio-based plastics

Bio-based plastics are plastic materials made in whole or partially from renewable resources. Biomass used can stem from e.g. corn, sugarcane or cellulose.

Bio-based plastics reduce our dependency on limited fossil resources and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than fossil-fuel plastics.

The material of GastroMax BIO food storage boxes and tableware items is derived from sugarcane. These products have more than 80 % reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

For GastroMax BIO cutting boards we use a mix of sugarcane and wood fiber from Nordic spruce. The products have an up to 60 % reduced carbon footprint compared to similar items in conventional plastic.

GastroMax BIO nylon utensils are made from a composite material that contains bio-based plastic made from castor bean oil. Glass fibers and polyamide are added to ensure long-term durability and high heat-resistance. Carbon footprint of the utensils is less than half compared to similar products made from conventional plastic.


All GastroMax products are tested for food safety and comply with the requirements for food contact materials. They do not contain any unauthorized vegetables fibers.

The material of GastroMax BIO food storage and tableware items is sugarcane-based. In the production process, sugarcane is first transformed into ethanol (a type of alcohol) and ethanol used as raw material for bio-based plastic, therefore the material does not contain any fibers. The wood fiber used in GastroMax BIO kitchen utensils stems from Swedish grown spruce and is also an approved food contact material. 


Certification of bio-based content in products

OK biobased by TÜV Austria is a certification scheme that provides independent proof of the bio-based origin of products. The certification is based on laboratory testing of the content in the tested products. 

OK biobased uses a star system to indicate bio-based content of a product. Every certified product is rated on a scale of one to four stars.

The highest grade, four stars, certifies that the product consists of more than 80 % biobased material. This has been awarded to GastroMax™ Bio tableware made from sugarcane, GastroMax™ BIO food storage made from sugarcane, and GastroMax™ BIO cutting boards made from a mix of sugarcane and wood fiber.

GastroMax™ BIO nylon utensils have been awarded with three stars, the second highest grade certifying that the product consists of 60 to 80 % biobased material.

Certified GastroMax™ BIO products carry the OK biobased symbol in their packaging.